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The Difference in Price of Digital Goods

1. Digital goods have become part of life

In our daily life, digital goods have become an indispensable part of our lives. Smart phones, high-performance computers and various Internet of Things devices allow us to fully enjoy the conveniences that the Internet era brings to our lives. Under such circumstances, the field of digital goods can be said to be very fierce. Many digital goods are already very cheap. So what issues should we pay attention to when buying digital goods?

Digital Goods

2. The difference in the price of digital goods

Some people say that digital goods are e-waste, which will be updated in a few years, so there is no need to buy good and expensive digital goods. But actual life experience tells us that buying things depends not only on the price. Let's talk about TVs and mobile phones. The prices of TVs now are basically very cheap. You can buy a 55-inch large TV for 2000 yuan on a Taobao international website. So what is the difference between this TV and the 20,000 yuan 55-inch TV? The main difference is the panel and chip. High-end TVs are more delicate in screen display, which can bring users a more outstanding visual experience.

Taking a kind of digital goods such as mobile phones as an example, the difference between cheap mobile phones and high-end machines in daily use experience has become smaller and smaller, and the phenomenon of stuttering is basically not felt in daily use. Compared with the previous mobile phones, it is more comprehensive, and it is equipped with the most top-performance hardware configuration. But in terms of display effect, the color of a more expensive mobile phone obviously has a high dynamic contrast.

Finally, in terms of the cost of using digital goods, many low-priced digital goods are not good enough in quality control and after-sales. There may be various problems. If there are problems in the follow-up, not only will you waste a lot of time. It also consumes a lot of energy to do maintenance, and may also need to pay a lot of maintenance costs, so the subsequent use cost is actually higher.