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Taobao Agent

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Betteryoyo, as an experienced Taobao agent, we are responsible for finding, buying, inspecting, and shipping goods to customers from Taobao China. Taobao agent is like an escrow account, which guarantees the security of transactions in China, and is also a shipping agent to make your goods shipping cheaper and more secure.

Due to the demand for service, China's shipping forwarders and Taobao agents are booming globally. You don't need to pay the VIP price to buy from local or online stores from China, because now you can buy directly from Chinese factories or Chinese online stores that every Chinese buy for themselves! The possibilities are unlimited, you can build an online and local business with manufacturer price, and you don't even need to go to China!

How does China Taobao Agent work?

What You Do with A Taobao Agent

You visit taobao website, copy the link of the Chinese product you want, and give it to us. We will buy the products for you and store them in the warehouse. You can wait for free storage time for other orders. You can also ask your agent to provide services such as real photos, videos, measurements, and quality checks, replacement packaging, or returns. All of those for a very cheap price! When you are ready, you ask us to send the package where you want in the world. Also, you can see the estimated time and shipping price calculated by weight and destination country before you order anything. (you will find a table estimated shipping prices and where to estimate shipping yourself)

What China Agents Can Do

l Real Photos

l Quality check

l Return

l Custom package

l Shipping

Betteryoyo, China, and Taobao agent will handle everything for you! From domestic shipping, paper, quality inspection to packaging, and international shipping! Dropshipping business with an agency is a dream come true because you have thousands of first-hand suppliers. There is no need to buy from AliExpress sellers who bought from someone else and so on.

How to Choose the Best Taobao Agent

There are many Taobao agents and buying agents in China who can help you, especially when you are buying goods from overseas. Finding the best Taobao agent may not be easy, as there are too many agents in this highly competitive industry. It all comes down to choosing the right agent that best meets your needs.

Here are some factors you might consider when deciding which agent to choose:

1. Flexible payment methods:

Safe payment options and purchase protection policies with buyers

Easily accessible and convenient channels

Fast transfer

Cost considerations, e.g. service charges

When you deal with the first few orders with an agent, it may be ideal to use a secure payment method, such as PayPal, as it has buyer and purchase protection policies so that you can purchase more confidently and securely. Betteryoyo, as an experienced Taobao agent, we provide reliable payments, product procurement, and shipping. 

2. 24 hours customer support

Agents provide 24-hour customer support with a high tendency to immediately meet your needs, who will resolve issues in a timely manner, and speed up your order fulfillment. Betteryoyo offers you 7 days and 24 hours of customer service. So no worries about it.

3. Reasonable price

Benefits of membership

Choose an agent with a loyalty program, where you can enjoy more perks and membership benefits, and ultimately bring you more savings, especially when you have repeat transactions like for business purpose.

Service fee

Most Taobao prices change from time to time. So we collect commission according. It is important to understand which services are available to cover this cost.

Shipping cost

A major determining factor is the price of transportation. If you are willing to weigh the cost of slow shipping without tracking capabilities, you can choose an economical shipping method; on the other hand, the courier can provide general to above-average services, and the price will be higher.

The courier method you choose depends on the speed, time, cost, package security, order quantity, product type, etc. of the package you are waiting for. can provide flexible shipping options and reasonable rates and can give you advice on which shipping method is the best, considering what factors are important to you.

4. Good quality control

Quality control is crucial because it is frustrating and expensive to wait after receiving a bad product and pay for the item cost, shipping costs, etc. That's why you may need an agent service to help you minimize this risk. However, quality is subjective, and this risk can only be reduced by careful inspection but cannot be completely eliminated.

5. Cost savings / value-added services

Integration services

The cost of the first 0.5 kg is the most expensive in international shipping. You can save costs when you order multiple products from different sellers, and when you can place your order in the same box and your order will be shipped.

Free unboxing/packaging

Some agents offer free removal of shoe boxes or unnecessary packaging to minimize your parcel’s volumetric weight.

Customs taxes

Betteryoyo can help you save taxes and declare products at lower prices. Although it is not recommended to adjust too much, as the customs may suspect and (based on experience) determine that the declared value is lower than the actual value of the product, the customs may impose heavy taxes or confiscate it entirely. We can also declare small parcels as gifts, which will charge less.

Defining "best" or finding the “best” Taobao agent is not easy. In most cases, what affects your understanding, perception, or judgment of the service is based on your experience and ultimately affects your choice of agents for long-term partnerships, especially when you have multiple transactions to meet business needs.

If you need the services of an agent, Betteryoyo will work for you. We strive to provide all of the above to optimize your online shopping experience. At Betteryoyo, we only offer you the best, because this is what you deserve. For more information about our services and quotes, visit, or contact