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Simple Ways to Distinguish True and False Hetian Jade

Hetian jade is one of the four famous jade in China. It is nephrite with fine texture and soft luster. Because of its scarcity, it is a treasure among jade and a popular collectible. So how to distinguish Hetian jade from true and false?

First, recognize the authenticity of Hetian jade by listening to the voice

When knocking on each other, hung with ropes, and hit Hetian jade, the sound is clear, the reverberation surrounds, and it is long and unstoppable. This is true Hetian jade.

Second, identify the authenticity through knife scraping and jade

Hetian jade has a Mohs hardness of 6.0 to 6.5, which is relatively high. It will not drop jade slag when scraped with a knife. Nowadays, there are many imitation jade stones with high hardness in China's market, and they will not leave traces either.

Three, distinguish true and false colors

Hetian jade has only four categories: white, cyan, blue-white, black, and yellow. So if you see the red Hetian jade, it must be fake.

Hetian jade takes white as its beauty. The white color is white to bluish-white, the cyan color is from light blue to dark blue, and the yellow is from light yellow to dark yellow; Mohetian jade is from ink to light black.

The white and yellow Hetian jade of suet has the highest cultural value. The jade is delicate and has the most development value and the highest price. In addition, topaz is also very rare, second only to suet jade in value.

Cyan, from light blue to dark blue ink, the minimum color of nephrite jade, this nephrite has the most variety and relatively low price. There are many kinds of jade, you can find much jewellery online.


Fourth, distinguish true from false with a flashlight

Use a jade flashlight with strong light to see the internal texture of the jade. When the flashlight is close to the surface of the jade, you will see a different light. Through comparative research, the concentrated one has light permeability. If marble, glass or quartzite, etc., it will show relatively mixed-light astigmatism.

The flashlight pans slowly, if it transmits light, it means that the quality of the jade is relatively uniform.

Place the strong light flashlight close to the back of the Hetian jade and move it slowly. When there are impurities, the interior of the Hetian jade will gradually show dark spots; if there is an internal crack, shift the flashlight light source, different light sources will appear as a normal dark response, or there will be unevenness changes in refracted light can be reflected.

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