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Restricted Item

Before you buy, be sure the items you purchase are not prohibited or restricted for export from foreign countries or for import into your country.

Wondering if you can ship something internationally? There are some items we cannot legally ship due to customs laws and the delivery company or airline restrictions. Banned items can vary depending on which country you're shipping the items to (see your country's banned item lists here), but in general, you cannot ship the following internationally. Below is a list of items that cannot be shipped due to China's export regulations :

Poisonous and Biohazard Goods: Pathogens, Medical wastes, Fertilizer, Insecticide, Pesticide, DDT, Tear Gas, Goods in the form of white crystals, Goods in the form of powder, Goods in the form of liquid or paste, etc.

Drugs, Anesthetic, and Hallucinogens: Illegal drugs such as Heroin, Marijuana, Ecstasy, Cocaine, etc., Opium, including all parts of the plant

Antiques, Artifacts, and Weapons: Antiques and Ancient Artifacts: coins, banknotes, etc.

Certificates: such as Identity Certificates, Identity Cards, Work Permits, etc.

Weapons: such as bombs, guns, swords, knives, spears, etc.

Imitation Weapons: such as toy guns, toy bombs, etc.

Commodities: Corn, rice, coal, cotton, petroleum, wheat, maize, corn powder, wheat powder, Tin and tin-derived goods, tungsten, and tungsten-derived goods, zinc and zinc-derived goods, rare minerals, etc.

Precious metals and other valuable goods: Gold, silver, platinum, gemstones, pearls, elephant tusks, etc.

Batteries: Alkaline batteries, rechargeable batteries, etc.

Cigarettes: Cigarettes and other tobacco goods

Sea-Only export items

Below is a list of items that can only be shipped by sea, due to concerns of explosions or might cause problems on planes.

Items which contain Lithium/Lithium-ion battery: Electronic items like power banks, laptops, cameras

Magnets/Items containing magnets: Fridge magnets, magnet bars, etc.

Prohibited items for exporting based on Countries' Laws

Below is a list of items are prohibited for export due to each country's laws:

Singapore: Chewing gum

Malaysia: Pens, pencils which look like syringes
Clothes/cloths with 'Quran' printed

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