Shipping fee is according to weight of item, pls ask before

Customs and Tax

Customs have the right to hold any parcel or shipment for checking base on the commercial declaration invoice.

Once your parcel is on hold by customs, normally at less 3 working days will be release depend on customs decision.

The Air courier does not include the tax if your good is taxed by customs.

If you had contacted the courier agent about the tax, please inform us immediately. We will check and confirm to you is that really in the tax or not.

To save your time and expenses, we will avoid taxation reasonably by wrapping parcels most properly.

We provide Commercial Invoice for making a clearance.

As for Tax fee, it is according to the local government. It is random, tax is the duty of every citizen.

How to avoid being taxed? Here are suggestions for you:
1. The weight of parcels is an important criterion for the determination of residential parcel or business parcel. To avoid this case, please consider the weight of your parcel before submitting the waybill.
2. The parcel contains a large number of the same commodity that might be recognized as a business parcel as well. Please try to avoid sending a large sum of the same goods in one parcel.

Customs in Egypt are very strict and taxes are high
Customs in India and South Africa are usually stricter

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