Shipping fee is according to weight of item, pls ask before

Buy for Me

Betteryoyo -, is an online shopping agent based in China. We provide buying services-Buy for Me, purchasing things from Taobao for our customers globally.

Because most Chinese websites only accept local payments and send to local Chinese addresses. We strive to provide you with a seamless and easiest shopping experience. We purchase the product according to your instructions and then ship it to our warehouse to check the quality for the customer. After repacking, we deliver it to your door by the shipping method that best suit for you.

To learn more about how to Buy for Me, you can feel free to contact us through

What is Taobao Agent?

Taobao agent is in charge of finding, buying, checking and shipping of goods from Taobao seller to the client. Taobao agent is like an escrow account to ensure the safety of transactions in China, but also a shipping agent to make the shipping of your merchandise cheaper and safer.

How Buy for Me work?

You may first browse any China online store website and copy their item's URL into search bar.  Once you confirmed the order content and our quoted prices. You may submit your order according to our flow by paying the price for your order in your shopping cart. 

We will purchase your product into our warehouse according to your Shopping Cart. after your items arrive in our warehouse, we will do inspection for your order.

Our system will inform you for international express when all your product ready to ship out. We will send out your parcel when payment is done, the parcel will be delivered to your doorstep in 5-7 days.

Things You May Want to Know After "Buy for Me" Service

What is quote?

Most items in your Shopping Cart can checkout directly. However, some items require a submit quote step. Once you've submitted a quote request, we will first contact with the item's seller to check with the availability of the items for your selected properties. It helps to reduce the refund rate and saving time to process the order. Sometimes the items available quantity and price are not correctly displayed as the online store its shows, so we need to confirm with the seller about the item price, inventory, domestic shipping fee and so on to assure the items are available to be purchased. Especially for the custom-made items and pre-order items, we need to confirm which measurements you need to provide, the roughly producing time, the final price and so on, in this case, the order processing will be much smoother.

Quote in Process - Your quote is scheduling to process by our purchase team according to submitted time and member's level

Quote Confirmed - Your quoted items are available and valid for checkout in coming 24 hours

Quote Rejected - Your quoted is rejected due to insufficient information, cannot contact seller for over 24 hours or your items violated our buying agent regulations. Normally we will leave a rejected reason for you to perform follow up action.

Quote Requoting - Your rejected quotes is resubmitted by you and pending process.

Quote Permanently Rejected - Your quoted items are delisted by the seller, or content violated international shipping regulation or violated our buying agent regulations. You are not allowed to further process for the designated item.

Normally quoting process required at most 1 working day to process. We will notify you with email when the quoting is done.

How to know my order status with "Buy for Me" Service?

You can learn more about and track your order status on the Order page.

After you place your order, we will purchase your order from a Chinese online shop from Taobao within one working day. 

Normally, if the product you ordered is not customized or pre-ordered. The seller will deliver your product to our warehouse within 1-14 working days (this is the shipping time allowed by most Chinese online shops). Once the product you ordered arrives in our warehouse, our quality inspector will check it and confirm that the product sent by the seller is correct. (E.g. size, color, quantity).

For pre-ordered or customized products, we usually have confirmed your availability date with the seller. However, the actual waiting time may differ from the date we noted in the item’s mark. Depending on the actual production progress of the seller, it can be shipped in advance or delayed without further notice.

All the products you ordered have been inspected and repacked. You will receive our email notification with weight details and international shipping fee. 

If you want to know more about shipping methods and information, please continue to browse the Ship for Me pages.

If you are confused about the status of your order during the order status check, you can contact us through any communication tool we provide for further assistance.