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Alipay (Chinese: 支付宝) is a third-party mobile and online payment platform, established in Hangzhou, China in February 2004 by Alibaba Group and its founder Jack Ma. In 2015, Alipay moved its headquarters to Pudong, Shanghai, although its parent company Ant Financial remains Hangzhou-based.

Alipay overtook PayPal as the world's largest mobile payment platform in 2013. As of March 31, 2018, the number of Alipay users reached 870 million. It is the world's number one mobile payment service organization and the second-largest payment service organization in the world. According to the statistics of the fourth quarter of 2018, Alipay has a 55.32% share of the third-party payment market in mainland China, and it continues to grow.

In general, Alipay is safe if you protect your personal info carefully. Please follow instructions when you use Alipay. Keep your payment password and login password only to yourself. Remember not to tell them to anyone. Alipay provides multiple security mechanisms to make sure that user accounts are safe. An Alipay account requires the user to set up their own login password and separate payment password, which needs to be different. The user can enter the login password up to five times and the payment password up to three times before the user is locked out of his or her account. To regain access to the account, the user must contact Alipay. A user must also install a digital certificate, which can encrypt information sent over a network, preventing hackers from stealing passwords, thereby enhancing the security of online transactions.

Internationally, more than 300 worldwide merchants use Alipay to sell directly to consumers in China. It currently supports transactions in 18 major foreign currencies. Since the launch of Alipay in Mainland China, Ant Financial introduced a series of expansion of the services to other countries. Alipay launches international e-wallet, giving foreigners access to mobile payment platform in first for China. Without a Chinese bank account and a local mobile phone line, foreigners have found it difficult, if possible, to find a smartphone app to pay for online purchases in China.

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